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Utility Meters, AMR and AMI

Home and industry usage utility meters such as electric energy meters, water meters, gas meters, calorie meters and meter reading systems are major application of Li-SOCl2 batteries. Li-SOCl2 batteries have very good behavior at various outdoor temperatures and environments with low self discharge and good voltage response. Thus, they are very suitable for long term usage like 10 or 15 years of service life as main power of long term utility meters.

Recently, new developing countries are positively taking digital based utility meters and meter reading systems for their reformation and upgrade. Also, industrial countries are actively adopting AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) based on real time or lump collection and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system for efficient energy management and smart meters with great interest on green energy and energy saving. They are mainly using Li-SOCl2 batteries for power supply.

Sometimes, regular meter readings which are based on GPS system and Wi-Fi system need high pulse currents for data transmission and it can be used with Li-SOCl2 battery + EDLC packs. This battery pack solution is welcomed with higher safety and reliability than high rate battery type in long term basis.

XenoEnergy is supplying Xeno batteries for many leading utility manufacturers and meter reading solution companies with long term experience and reliability.

Applicable Xeno Batteries

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