Fire, Explosion And Severe Burn Hazard.
Do Not Recharge, Crush, Disassemble,
Heat Above 212℉(100℃), Incinerate
Or Expose Contents To Water

(Typical values for batteries stored at 20℃ for one year)
Nominal Capacity (At 3mA/20℃/68℉/2.0V Cut-Off) 8.5Ah
Open Circuit Voltage (At 20℃/68℉)   3.67V  
Nominal Voltage (At 3mA/20℃/68℉)   3.6V  
Maximum Continuous Current 230mA 
Maximum Pulse Current Capability   400mA  
Rated 1 Sec. Pulse Capability (To 3V)   60mA  
Operating Temperature Range   -55 ~ 85℃ 
Weight   51 g (1.8 oz)  
Anode Surface Area   30㎠  
Volume   26㎤  
Diameter(Max)   26.2mm  
Height (Max)  50mm  


Any values in product catalogues are for informational purposes only. They can also differ from actual conditions of usage and are not warranties of future performance.


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