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Memory-Back up and RTC

General electronic goods are using electricity or rechargeable batteries for main power. However, when the main power is disconnected, some electronics goods need separate battery for system memory back-up and real time clock (RTC). Li-SOCl2 batteries are more efficient power solution for memory back-up and RTC with higher working voltage, voltage stability by the end of discharge, higher energy density, very low self discharge and wide temperature range.

Originally, Li-SOCl2 batteries were used for memory back-up and RTC in personal computer but they were replaced with other low capacity type due to their highly reduced current consumption. However, the demand for other memory back-up and RTC is continuously growing with their superior characteristics. Major applications are computers, vending machines, electric rice cookers, digital set-top boxes, bank ATMs, portable bank machines, car electronic control systems, electric WH meters, wireless POS terminals, PLCs, PABXs, CNCs, Industrial watches and etc.

XenoEnergy is supplying Xeno batteries for worldwide top level customers of memory back-up applications with proved long term reliability.

Applicable Xeno Batteries

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