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RFID and RTLS Tracking

When Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is applied to industry, logistic, medical, education and etc., it enables people or companies to realize and optimize business process in real time and it provides the work efficiency and convenience with cost reduction. For real time visibility combined with on-line and off-line together, wireless transmission method shall be considered. RFID system using wireless sensors or interactive transponder tags can be less communication cost and less power consumption with regular time interval than cellular phones or wireless handheld terminals.

Li-SOCl2 batteries provide the longest service life against their cost and stable performance from wide temperature coverage, low self discharge and high safety design. XenoEnergy is supplying Xeno batteries for Real Time Location System (RTLS) in Middle East, USA, Europe and etc. and they are applying their RTLS system with Xeno batteries to real time doctor and patience route tracking, real time freight or asset tracking in a train or truck, educational program, missing child tracking, warehouse management and etc.

Real time location system can be applied to animal tracking. It mainly uses GPS networks instead of neighborhood communication system in the wild areas. Animals shall wear tracking devices for the tracking of their moving route and ecology and they must be small sized, lightweight and long term usage in harsh environmental temperature and conditions. Li-SOCl2 batteries are the most desirable batteries which can meet their requirements

XenoEnergy is supplying Xeno batteries for animal tracking specialists in Europe for years and picture shows penguin who wears tracking device using Xeno batteries as good example. Xeno products provide good animal tracking results even in Antarctic area with -40~-50℃ in worst case.

Applicable Xeno Batteries

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