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Toll Tags

Automated Toll Collection System using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution is continuously taking by many companies thanks to their benefits. Toll collection system cuts travel and waiting times and road congestion, saves fuel and reduces air pollution in toll roads like highways, airports, tunnels and bridges. Toll tags are used to identify the validity of automobiles, typically sending several signals to the toll station each time when a car drives and passes the toll booth.

Certain countries have the regulation to charge road and environment usage to continental across trucks and buses when they are passing those countries. In that case, trucks and buses need special toll tags with lithium battery to pass those countries.

As road toll tags are mounted on auto windshields or up front of dashboard, the internal battery must withstand extreme temperatures from -40℃ through over +100℃, vibration and other mechanical stress. Only Li-SOCl2 batteries can meet such requirements and long term usage in harsh environments, so power supply of auto toll tags can be dominated by Li-SOCl2 batteries. According to the toll tag manufacturer, customer may use capacitor support in parallel on the PCB for the voltage delay which is general characteristics of Li-SOCl2 batteries. General service life for toll tags will be about 5~10 years but it might be different to the usage conditions.

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