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Security System

Recent security systems require smarter and more informational functions with the rapid development of information technology communications. Also, the combined set-up of wire and wireless equipments and sensors indoors and outdoors can reduce the installation and operation cost and can deliver the events fast without failure.

Li-SOCl2 batteries are mainly used for wire and wireless motion sensors and it can be applied to wireless control boxes, magnetic switches, digital door locks, control box transmitters, window break detectors, vibration detectors, gas leak detectors, gas warning alarms, water leak detectors, low temperature detectors and etc.

Most wire or wireless motion detectors are using PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors for active materials and it is combined with very low base current with few microamperes and medium pulse currents with several milliamperes. Under those operating conditions, Li-SOCl2 batteries show 1.5~2 times of higher lifetime than other lithium primary batteries. The lifetime can be different to the time of motion sensing but it would be about 2~10 years. Also, Li-SOCl2 batteries have much less effect in outdoor environmental conditions than other lithium primary batteries.

XenoEnergy is supplying Xeno batteries for top ranking security companies in Europe and Middle East covering American and European markets.

Applicable Xeno Batteries

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