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XenoEnergy Co., Ltd. Is the only company who got ISO13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Equipment Manufacturing) Certificate among lithium primary battery makers. Recent medical devices and health care products reflect high technology and create various business models. Medical device and health care products can provide exact medical information and appropriate prevention and treatment.

Li-SOCl2 batteries can be mainly used for chronic diseases which need the timely evaluation of body flows via medical equipments in a hospital for certain long period or the regular checking of disease levels via health care products in a house or office. The data should be real time and right information reading with stable power source.

For example, for the evaluation of chronic kidney disease patients in a hospital, doctors need urine output measurement and the data shall be monitored in regular time intervals and without data error. Also, for the checking of diabetes at a home or office, the patients need self checking in real time or regular basis and ask for doctor’s medical treatment. Li-SOCl2 batteries can provide data collection in regular time basis without failure with excellent voltage stability by the end of time.

Li-SOCl2 batteries can be used for medical analysis equipments and remote medical treatment with regular data collection and transmission and can be applied to medical equipments requiring high temperature and pressure. XenoEnergy has Li-SOCl2 batteries with high temperature covering max. 150℃

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