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People Oriented
The core of company is Human. Based on personal experience and personality, continuous devotion and efforts can achieve the growth and prosperity of the company. As batteries are “Living Creatures”, the development and production of batteries are kind of activity to breathe life and energy into batteries and needs the total cooperation of every staffs.
Creative Management
XenoEnergy staffs shall understand the rapid change of time stream and accomplish the continuous product improvement and productivity increase with each ownership mind. Also, all staffs shall do their own works with conviction and devotion to supply best products proactively and timely what customer wants.
Improvement Spirit
Improvement is the key energy of the company maintenance and growth. By breaking stereotype mind and establishing minute observation continuously, XenoEnergy shall find the root cause of the problem and solve it immediately. Also, by reducing waste factors, generated profit shall be returned to customers and staffs.
Faithfulness to the Basics
To harvest best fruits in the business, all staffs shall understand their own playing roles and keep them voluntarily. Also, for the production of qualified products at arranged and organized circumstances, all staffs shall establish process and management standard and carry out them as their own life.
Trust Relationship
As XenoEnergy products are mainly used for long term years, XenoEnergy will do continuous support to overseas & local sales partners or customers who can trust us and distribute or use our products. Also, XenoEnergy will do persistent cooperation with component suppliers who can do quality improvement and cost reduction. In addition, XenoEnergy provides equal opportunity and award to all staffs for their personal growth and chance.